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The challenge for owners is not the availability of technology or resources to adapt to climate change but infrastructure bottlenecks coupled with unregulated growth in project development. This leads to insufficient capacity building in the area of power evacuation, leading to high energy transmission & distribution losses. Wind power industry in India is riddled with multiple service providers and overlapping regulatory scenario, making project development complex.

At Kenergy, we offer a "single window system" with in-depth knowledge of wind project development lifecycle. We provide integrated solutions to wind power asset owners for both on-shore & off-shore development.
India offers tremendous growth opportunity with an installed capacity of 1.5 GW, which is projected to reach 10 GW in the coming years. With the advent of newer technology, we are able to harness low-wind speed areas. Besides the policy landscape is also conducive for renewable energy industry. This is evident from the fact that Central and State Government incentives are very encouraging.

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Developing large scale power projects have tremendous impact. Our efforts are directed towards building power infrastructure by mitigating direct or indirect impacts and creating a Win – Win situation for all our stakeholders. Sustainability is the core essence of our business.

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Innovation drives the future....

we strive to build paths where non exsist with innovation in financing ,technology , business process all facets of our work begin by simply observing the business as usal senarios and than innovate to make it better.

Our project is the first in its kind to be developed in India, leverging our resources help our clients de-risk theri pre-operative issues and shorting the turnaround time to 6-9 months resulting in redu risk and unlocking value at the begning of the project.




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Kalima Capital is a entrepreneur group, promoted by serial entrepreneurs Vinay Rao & Rashi Kapoor, with a sucessful track record in business startups and incubation. the sucess mantra of the group is to identify greenfiled opportunities in nacent but new frontier markets.

"energy , technology & aviation are the new frontiers" it will change the way people will live,work & connect in a increasingly gloabalized world./-

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